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The BNC Network is the flagship initiative of Industry Networks FZC. BNC offers an integrated construction intelligence system powered by the Middle East and Africa’s largest and most frequently updated project database. With over 29,000 live construction projects estimated at US$ 11.1 trillion, BNC’s coverage spans 72 countries and 5 sectors - the urban construction, oil & gas, transportation, utilities, and industrial sectors.

In 2003, the BNC Network was launched to create a digital network that connects businesses within the construction industry in creative new ways to increase transparency and efficiency. BNC quickly grew to become the region’s largest integrated construction project intelligence database and has maintained this position since 2004.

In 2016, with the launch of a powerful new digital platform called BNC AIR, the company reinvented its product offering. With BNC AIR we tripled our product offering. We re-calibrated our goldmine of project data to deliver powerful construction analytics, unparalleled to anything the industry in the region has ever had access to before. This gave our subscribers a unique and highly efficient manner for tracking and forecasting construction markets, as well as opened ways to seamlessly integrate sales management with project intelligence.

To encapsulate the essence of these construction analytics, our daily project stories, and socio-economic happenings that influence construction, we created the  BNC Projects Journal.

Presently, BNC’s software and business intelligence services are used by thousands of business leaders and construction industry professionals every day, to track developments, gain insight on projects, manage sales for construction projects, and strategize future business in the MEA construction industry.

At BNC, we are constantly Imagineering ways to connect entities across the construction industry. We are fostering industry-wide utility and adoption of a single platform to transform information exchange between entities as they communicate and collaborate to execute construction projects.

Website - www.bncnetwork.net