Helia Rad

A graduate of architecture in interior and exterior design, Helia Rad is a renowned architect known for her work in Iran, Dubai and Europe since 2009.She is an expert in all the services of planning, facade, interior design, supervision and implementation of luxury construction projects (office, residential commercial, communal, villa and green space), from the foundation to layout, in a variety of styles, with the best and most up-to-date materials.

“I follow specific ideas. Classic, neo-classical, modern, postmodern, contemporary, organic, minimalism, deconstruction, and other styles. Each one is beautiful, and I use it in my work. But I prefer modern and neoclassical styles more. The goal of interior design is to improve physical and mental performance and achieve the aesthetic principles of the interior. In my opinion, every work and project, even a small one, is our painting, so we have to paint in the best way and leave a signature as a memento.” – Helia Rad