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INDEX is the meeting place for thousands of industry professionals, who attend every year to connect with global brands and manufacturers and discover the next big thing in interior design.

Get inspired and learn about new trends and the latest innovations from industry experts through a series of open and lively conversations at our conferences.

A gathering of interior design visionaries and experts in the industry


Our flagship conference that brings to you a captivating platform where design enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators come together and take the stage to explore the forefront of design excellence. Through insightful discussions, engaging presentations, and interactive workshops, INDEX Design Talks fosters an environment where creativity thrives and boundaries are pushed, from architecture to interior design, product design to urban planning, INDEX Design Talks celebrates the diversity and ingenuity of design disciplines, inspiring attendees to reimagine the world around them and shape the future of design.

Flooring and Surfaces Summit

Tailored for design enthusiasts and industry professionals to explore the vital role of flooring and surfaces in contemporary design and architecture. Delve into a world where aesthetics and functionality seamlessly merge, uncovering the transformative power of flooring solutions in shaping modern environments. From innovative materials to cutting-edge techniques, our summit offers a unique opportunity to gain insights and inspiration from industry leaders.