24 - 26 MAY 2022




The region’s leading design firms are collaborating with INDEX to envelop, inspire and impress the visiting audience at the event this year.
Tasked to inspire and amaze, two design teams have developed creative concepts that will make visitors think and reset
as the physically walk-through towering design archway installations as they enter the interiors trade show.

Get your cameras ready to snap pictures at Hall 3 “Off The Grid” entrance designed by Brand Creative and built by Design Infinity, and
Hall 4  “The Bottleneck” entrance designed by Kristina Zanic Consultants and built by Bond Interiors.



The design concept is ‘The bottleneck’ through which people passed during COVID and the reflections they’ve been experiencing, how life changed after COVID and the celebration of coming back together and finally meeting face to face in post-COVID life.

The gate geometry is inspired by the COVID cases curve: the parabolic shape is a strong structure shape, which we have seen a lot during pandemic time in our daily life when we kept on tracking the number of cases around the world and in our homes.

We are taking the attendees and public through a short journey of life before and after COVID, from normal to the new normal. We have seen that disruption as an opportunity and we want to deliver that experience with our design.

It's the first physical INDEX event after COVID, and you will start your visit with a small-time capsule that ends with the springs of a new season, which will guarantee that you will definitely appreciate every minute of your visit.



The creative concept behind our installation reflects the inner workings of human thought processes over three periods of time. The past (Pre-Covid) is depicted in the first area where a rigid grid and simplistic volumes of shape represent the daily grind of the past; barely making meaningful human connections which essentially rendered us blind. The second area is our current Covid world. Blindfolds are replaced with masks and the rigid grid is distorted by the tension created by our new social bubbles and the loss of freedoms.

The final area celebrates a positive outlook on the future. The volume of shapes are more complex, representing emotional development. Blindfolds and masks disappear and a moment of enlightenment ensues. The possibility of living a life you can positively enjoy as an individual whilst re-connecting to others in a more meaningful way is exhilarating. When the bubbles pop, we are transformed as we celebrate being “Off the Grid".

We knew that we wanted our piece to be authentic to our own brand aesthetic and design methodology - ensuring that we utilized a very bold use of graphics with dynamic forms and volumes of space. Having celebrated our 10 year anniversary in February this year, we have been inspired by our mission of disruptive thinking in all visual messaging that we create to represent our work and history. We want to shake up the mundane and express our inner spirit through juxtapositions of rigidity (representing the pragmatic side of the industry) vs. freedom - freedom to think, freedom to choose, freedom to design from a point of passion.

The installation is meant to be thought-provoking and a point for further discussion. The sheer size and volumes of space that are created are meant to envelop visitors for a short moment in time prior to engagement with others.

The portal serves as a decompression zone that allows visitors to slow down and reflect on how small we may physically be in the universe but how our thoughts form energy that is both complex and unifying for humanity. As people walk through the show, they will be able to re-engage with the piece from several angles and viewpoints, allowing people to re-evaluate their thoughts about how this makes them feel.


Design Infinity

Brand Creative

Kristina Zanic Design Consultants

Bond Interiors


Rejoin and reconnect with the interiors industry at the FIRST live interiors show this year. Show your connections that you're still here and ready to do business, together again, at INDEX!