Tailormade pillow

Tailormade Pillow is the world’s first fully custom made pillow. Modern 3D scan and 3D print/milling technology makes it possible to create a very accurate product; by using this technique it is also the only pillow available in which all sleeping positions are being supported. Besides technology, a complex algorithm is developed to make the final calculation of every pillow complete.

One of their main innovations regarding the used materials is the development of a 24k gold pillow cover together with one of the oldest textile factories in the world.

Creating the complex algorithm was one of the hardest tasks - they not only thought about the aesthetics but also about the durability and functional aspects. They used materials like 24k gold, organic mulberry silk and organic cotton. 24k Gold is usually only thought of as an aesthetic feature but it also known as a shield for harmful radiation. Organic Mulberry silk was used because of its special features of being hypo-allergenic and having a structure closest to our own skin structure. Contributing to a better environment we make sure our silk and cotton are organic.

Unlike the production of other pillows they had very little waste because they printed the pillow one by one. In addition, they only used organic, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials and Dutch MDI memory foam. 


The supply chain consists entirely of local, reputable and specialized companies. They ensure a pure and honest product without environmental abuse or child/unfair labor.

For more information about Tailormade Pillow visit www.tailormadepillow.com

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