The Brody WorkLounge is an office micro-environment designed to help cut out distractions that occur when we catch sight of something in our peripheral vision, as well as offering a comfortable, secure space for achieving maximum concentration.  


The attractive cubicle design provides workers with everything they need in a visually appealing, convenient setup. It acts as a psychological safe spot, where you can settle down to work, safe in the knowledge that no-one can walk up behind you.


One of the key problems with working in a modern office is the constant assault of visual distractions that inhibit our ability to concentrate on the task in front of us. According to Steelcase research, a typical office worker or student switches tasks every three minutes, is interrupted every 11 minutes, and takes more than 20 minutes to get back on track once distracted. The company's desire to improve those numbers led to the development of this new workspace. Before starting work, the company analyzed neuroscientific and cognitive research findings, examining the results of numerous studies to help inform the design of its new micro-environment. The Brody WorkLounge is built to combat these issues. 


The workspace is also built to help organizations utilize available space, with the ability to have standalone cubicles or to install numerous linked desks that still provide each user with their own personal space. There's little wasted space inside the compact cubicle, with each unit incorporating a storage space for personal items, a side surface that can act as an arm rest when not in use, and an LED light. There's also, of course, a main work surface, positioned on a swiveling arm that's adjustable up to 40 degrees of pitch. It's designed to allow the user to position their laptop screen at eye level, increasing comfort during use. 


Aside from its focus on cutting out distractions and saving space, the workspace is also designed to keep users comfortable throughout the day. The integrated chair features the company's patented LiveLumbar technology, providing back support while eliminating the lower back gap common on office chairs. Discomfort is its own type of distraction. Brody’s state-of-the-art ergonomics cradle your body in a reclined position, allowing your upper and lower back to be supported, while the angled Personal Work Surface holds your technology at eye-level to reduce neck and shoulder strain. Arm support built into the work surface relieves pressure off your shoulders and a soft edge seat allows for a range of users to sit comfortably in any position.

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