About AJUN

Ajun is the founder and principal architect of ATI Consultants, Architects and Engineers which he established 1980. The firm has grown to become an award winning, ISO certified, multi-disciplinary consultancy, with offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Istanbul, Tokyo, Kiev and Moscow.

Before starting his own firm, Ajun worked as a Senior Architect for Hans Pfitzer Architects in Stuttgart, Germany until 1977. Subsequently, he was Manager & Head Architect for German Gulf Consulting Engineers in the United Arab Emirates.

Since then, he has been running his own practice in the UAE, where he has designed and completed over 700 successful projects around the world over the last 39 years. He is known for his rational approach, intelligent combination of technology with craftsmanship and delicate details - all of which are illustrated his projects.

Ajun's, and the wider ATI Consultants, Architects and Engineers', core philosophy is to create universal, innovative, sustainable and cost-effective design solutions and consistently exceed clients’ expectations.

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