ABOUT Mnuara Zubaidildaeyva

Mnuara has been living in Dubai for almost 7 years after moving initially from Kazakhstan to study. Her background in Kazakhstan involves studying at a school of arts where she developed her skills in painting, drawing, sculpture and crafts. Developing this affection to the physical production of art and exploring her creativity brought her interest into the interior design field. She now holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The Canadian University, Dubai.

A natural love for all things artsy, Mnuara has been the creative heart of the Bishop Design interior design team since joining the studio in 2015. Initially starting out as an Intern, Mnuara has now evolved into an all-round talented interior design guru, applying her skills to the creation of concept, schematic and final design. When she’s not researching mood directions, designing, sketching the layouts or fumbling around the office for materials, you can find Mnuara going through the escape room games all over the city where players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategies to complete the objectives at hand – a constant desire for adventure!

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