Jacinda is the Lead Creative Designer at Godwin Austen Johnson. Clients have come to respect Jacinda’s competence, balance of professionalism and ability to deal with occasional challenges and difficult situations. They recognise that it is her involvement on a project from inception through to completion that ensures that a quality outcome is delivered.

With almost 20 years of experience and a diverse portfolio that includes residential, educational, healthcare, commercial and hospitality sector Jacinda is recognised within the firm for her dedication, design and management skills and her ability to bring people together as a team, acknowledging the strengths of her colleagues and developing and nurturing their abilities to achieve successful results.

She leads the designers in hospitality projects with her drive, organisational skills and constant pursuit of perfection ensuring the smooth running and success of the projects coming out of the studio.

Jacinda believes great design is a combination of many great ideas and the collaboration of a finely-tuned team and it is this approach that set her apart. It is not just that she challenges design boundaries, she also explores new directions to find balance and harmony. Her work shows great depth of understanding and she applies her varied knowledge to great effect to the benefit of clients and the practice.

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