About Ellen

Ellen Søhoel is the Founder and Director of the International Award Winning company ‘XBD Collective’, which is comprised of several sub-divisions including ‘XBD Interior’, ‘XBD Architecture’ and ‘Bishop Design Residential’ which was an extension of previously co-founded brand ‘Bishop Design LLC’, originally established in 2004. Now with the latest addition of ‘XBD Collective London’, Ellen continues to create customised signature interior designs both regionally and internationally to a wide variety of brands, businesses and private clientele, with more than 50 awards under her belt including ‘World’s Best Residential Interior Design 2018’ in London as well as several awards in Los Angeles and Dubai.

Originally hailing from Oslo, Norway, Ellen holds qualifications in Marketing and Business Development, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. After moving to the UAE in 2003, Ellen built up a reputation as a leading name within the Interior Design industry. Now with 16 years of expertise, the Norwegian designer has completed hundreds of projects across all sectors and designed for some of the most prominent names in hospitality, residential and commercial design such as ‘Emaar’, ‘W Hotel’, ‘The Fairmont Hotel’ and ‘Dubai Properties’, to name a few. Furthermore, Ellen is well known for completing some of the most luxurious private properties in the world.

Ellen’s natural entrepreneurial skillset, passion for interiors, architecture and overall brand development have secured the ‘XBD Collective’ name as a leading brand throughout the Middle East. After securing projects in prominent areas such as Mayfair, Marylebone and Surrey, as well winning an additional two ‘World’s Best’ awards at the renowned ‘International Property Awards’ in 2018/2019, ‘XBD Collective’ is now on its way to securing itself as a top design firm within the UK market.


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