After its awarded presentation at ICFF/NYC x Design, New Citizen Design will continue spreading its positive design virus to the Middle East through its participation in Ventura Dubai at the leading interior design show INDEX.

The event will take place at the Middle East Design & Hospitality Week (MEDHW) from 17 to 19 September 2019. New Citizen Design will show existing and new work by international designers that fit the energetic and fluid lives of new citizens. Its co-owner and founder Antonia Wormer will also take part in the Design Talks program on September 19.

Highlights of their presentation will be Circle Swing, by Polish designer Iwona Kosicka. Circle Swing nurtures the physical, mental and emotional health benefits of rocking, through which endorphin release and calmness of the mind are stimulated. The high quality and minimalist design make it a desirable piece for a living or office space, lobby, restaurant or café. Circle swing is available in different models and finishing, for indoor and outdoor use, and even in a 24 carats gold plated version upon request.

Quite a difference, but of high impact, will be the Oasis Vases by Studio Moreno Schweikle (a German designer graduated from Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven). With his multifaceted project Moreno aims to revive the value of water through the objects that represent it. Water coolers, to him, are the perfect example of how products can lose their appeal when form becomes inferior tot function and producibility. To reassess the way we look at this standardized object, Moreno Schweikle utilizes discarded water cooler bottles to create a series of unique handmade, sculptural vases. Oasis Vases were nominated award finalist for the New York Constellation Awards (May 2019) and selected for the Rossana Orlandi Plastic Competition during MDW19. 

Lost Pearls
Alongside its presentation of design products for office, hospitality and home interiors at INDEX, New Citizen Design will further develop the leads and opportunities to positively emphasize the Dubai-Dutch relationship through the landscape work of art ‘Lost Pearls’ by Dutch artist Madeleine Berkhemer. Lost Pearls connects heritage to future: it refers to Dubai’s pearl tradition and to its future generation, for Lost Pearls is also certified playground equipment. From a bird’s eye view, it looks as if a lady has lost her pearl necklace; a reference to Berkhemer’s origin as a fashion designer.

More information

New Citizen Design – tonny@newcitizendesign +3110 842 6 843 or +31 6 106 27 543

Downloadable Press images here.

About New Citizen Design & the new citizen

New Citizen Design (Jan Willem de Laive & Antonia Wormer) is a design producing company and design thinker taking the point of view of the new citizen as its guiding principle for spatial design. Their activities comprise three disciplines: product development and curated representation, interior design and a new citizen building. Wormer is a speaker on the topic of the multiple mega-shifts and the impact of the new citizen.

The new citizen is a persona that embodies a design movement of positiveness and consciousness, as an answer to the multiple mega-shifts we are experiencing in our present day world. New citizens are inter-viduals. Their living earth is their home. They are undeniably human and have the courage to invest living tissue in society. They bring energy into our cities where they already leave their mark. New citizens move comfortably between roles. That is why we witness the rise of workspaces where like-minded professionals thrive in spaces that look like a combination of an office, a hotel and brasserie, a home or a leisure club. Consequently, also in hospitality and home interiors. 

New citizens are tech-wise, and in search of sharing with and relating to others. Like New Citizen Design they ‘look closely at the present they are constructing, because they want it to look like the future they are dreaming’.
Quote adapted from the original by Alice Walker in The Colour Purple. 

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