Get creative in the kitchen with these expert design ideas, eye-catching trends and culinary innovations. 

By Eleanor Joslin – InsideOut

1. Stylish space-saving solutions

Integrated design elements are a savvy set-up for smaller kitchens, says Oliver Goettling, managing director of Goettling Interiors...

"Small kitchens in studios and apartments will benefit from integrated seating, maximised storage solutions and smart design features without compromising on adequate circulation space. Goettling Interiors’ Schüller’s C Collection Biella kitchen scores major storage goals with tall cabinets and under-seat cabinets, while open shelves with integrated under-shelf mood lighting increases the aesthetic appeal. Smart design that amplifies functionality includes a pull-out socket integrated within the countertop and the "Lift" worktop section, which rises to reveal a concealed lower level surface with space for an appliance like a food processor, increasing the available surface area.”

2. Rough textures

Cassidy Davis, senior designer at Hacker Kitchens, says textured finishes are a new look for kitchens...

"We have seen a move towards rough, textured cabinets, with a new generation discovering the aesthetic appeal of concrete – with its fine pores and shades of grey, it’s perfectly suited to an industrial-style urban interior. Taking inspiration from this modern trend, Hacker’s Oxide Meteor kitchen carries the aesthetic of rough textures, particularly weathered metal, yet in a smooth, stylish and liveable way. Dark kitchens like this can handle bold colour, demonstrated by the strong accent wall painted plum."

3. Bespoke beauties

Keep the client at the centre of the design process, advises Saverio Lagana, general manager at Officine Gullo Middle East...

"It is important to put the client at the centre of the design process, so the final product is the result of a conversation between the design team, the client and the interior designers. The clients’ requirements, ambitions and preferences on style and colour, to achieve the kitchen of their dreams, should always be the driver when creating handcrafted masterpieces. In the case of our Pigeon Blue Kitchen, the client wanted a poolside barbecue area that was out-of-the-ordinary, a spectacular facility for their family and guests, able to cater for a large number of people for events in the garden – a popular pastime for residents in the UAE. One-of-a-kind kitchens like this should be a statement of classic and everlasting design.”

4. Colour blocking

Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini, says colour can create movement across a kitchen/living space...

"A current trend is for the kitchen and the living environment to be close together, often designed within a single space that is able to perform multiple functions. Scavolini’s Tetrix kitchen features low elements, typical of a living room, that meet this new need. Here, teal and red work well together, however neutral colours – white, beige, grey, light brown – remain popular. Combine strong, bold shades with lighter tones to create motion in the furniture."

5. Black is back

Black is the new white, says Laura Bielecki, senior interior design manager at Ellington Properties...

"Be it countertops or cabinetry, matte black has been on-trend throughout 2019. With a more masculine and urban edge, black gives kitchen design an instant element of sophistication and will be the colour of choice throughout next year, too. With today’s technology, quartz and large format porcelain slabs have become industry standard for technical and easy maintenance countertops. Quartz was originally introduced as a high-end alternative to granite to give a wider diversity of colours and provide a more hygienic surface. In terms of finish, honed and rustic or industrial finishes have also been very popular this year."

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