Tightened belts, challenging economies and sustainable living have given rise to much more than the tiny house movement.

Families are now embracing Marie Kondo and making the most of what they’ve got.

If you’re thinking of enhancing your space, there are many layout solutions that exist to combine space optimization and design.

Let's start with the living room or the dining room

Do you appreciate receiving friends or family, but cannot afford to waste valuable space with a large table in the middle of the room?

An extending console will answer your desires: unfolded, it can seat up to 10 guests! Once folded, it brings its decorative touch and occupy a minimum of space.

In lack of storage? A bookcase incorporating a retractable table will meet both your storage needs and allow you to easily receive your guests.

Talking about storage space

Gautier's IMAGINE program, presented at INDEX Exhibition Dubai 2019, has many made-to-measure storage items.

This program reinvents the spaces of the house to save space in a functional and elegant way (living room, dining room, hall entrance, bedroom, office: nothing is missing).

Hurrah for "hybrid" spaces

Integrating office spaces into secondary room for occasional uses are all the rage nowadays. For this, clever concepts such as pull-down beds offer a dual use according to the needs of each: pull-down bed coupled with an extending console that can serve as office or dining table.

What about children?

Choose bed-compact solutions integrating several beds. And because a child's room is not only for the night, a large sliding desk and many practical storage spaces can be integrated into the beds in a completely secure way.

And with a few clever tips and tricks, you too can double the size of your home without needing to move.

For full details of the products available, head to Gautier Stylish French Living.