EXPO 2020: Projects Update


With EXPO 2020 only a year away, it’s never too early to unpick and understand the key future trends that can be seen in the Pavilion designs. From engagement with surroundings, cutting edge technology and natural climate solutions, here are the INDEX Top 5 designs from the Sustainability Pavilion.

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Theme: Together for Diversity

Architects: JPG.ARQ, MMBB, and Ben-Avid

Features: An area for lectures and exhibitions, A restaurant and café, Restaurant & Gift Shop

Why we’re looking forward to this? “The heavy inclusion and focus on water, alongside sound and scents in this installation, on water-topped black concrete, will for sure be a captivating experience. By creating a space for reflection physically and emotionally it will give focus on the importance of the Sustainability for the amazon for all.”

EXPO 2020 | Brazil Pavilion
Image Source: EXPO 2020


Theme: Czech Spring

Architect: Formosa AA

Features: Czech Cuisine Restaurant, Rotating Exhibition, Meeting Room

Why we’re looking forward to this? “This pavilion promises to shine a spotlight a key trend: combining sustainability and technology. Showcasing Czech technological innovation and solar power to turn desert into fertile land. Not only will this improve the future of farming, but lends the question – what also can this impressive technology be used for?”

EXPO 2020 | Czech Republic Pavilion
Image Source: EXPO 2020


Theme: Seeds for the Future

Architect: Simmetrico

Features: 1,300 sqm of gardens and walkways, an air cushion roof to cool high temperatures, solar power, natural ventilation, and rainwater harvesting technology.

Why we’re looking forward to this? “The plan for space allows visitors to absorb and enjoy gardens and walkways while seeing what is possible with solar power, rainfall harvesting, and natural ventilation solutions. Shaped like a leaf, they are focusing on restoring the natural balance in environments and are living up to their ‘mean, lean, green’ motto.”

EXPO 2020 | Azerbaijan Pavilion
Image Source: EXPO 2020


Theme: Uniting Water, Energy and Food

Architects: V8 architects

Features: A cone-shaped vertical farm, Naturally controlled climate, Sustainable Build.

Why we’re looking forward to this? “This Pavilion is planned to be built using locally sourced materials with a pre-planned recycle plan for the area post-event. Clearly demonstrating they mean what they are promoting, they are going to great lengths to ensure their participation in EXPO 2020 will leave a minimal carbon footprint. Space-saving, economical and highly sustainable – the vertical farm will be a breathtaking centerpiece for this interior”.


Theme: Campus Germany

Architects: LAVA, facts, and fiction

Features: A restaurant serving German cuisine, A performance stage providing cultural entertainment, A grand finale featuring swinging seats

Why we’re looking forward to this? “Germany is destined to be a showstopper in the Sustainability Zone. With a strong focus on visitor engagement, all elements have been designed to ensure the audience reacts and engages with surroundings to understand the message. Packed with creative ideas and real-life results, visitors can also wear cutting edge technology devices to connect with their surroundings. Featuring three themed areas: The Energy Lab, The Future City Lab, and The Biodiversity Lab, you can explore all of Germany’s sustainability efforts while enjoying live performances, German food and a group swing (that aims to promote collaboration).”

EXPO 2020 | Germany Pavilion
Image Source: EXPO 2020