Painter, writer and sculptor, as well as a great lover of literature and for some time now also carpenter and upholsterer: "everything that is manual and invention belongs to me”, says Carla Tolomeo... the "Lady of the Chairs".

In the field of artists of her generation, Carla Tolomeo is a "different" character and her story unfolds between research and brilliant intuitions that have allowed her to range between painting, sculpture and writing, almost proving that there's no real boundary between expressions of art. She painted and exhibited her paintings until 1997, in Italy, Europe and the United States. After her last exhibition in London, "Homage to Leonardo" at Leicester's Galleries, she surprised her collectors by creating the Chairs-Sculptures.

Her artistic philosophy consists in a mutation, in a transformation from any object to an object of art, starting from the most banal and domestic furnishing element: the Chair.

Thanks to her life experience, her studies and her continuous and never satisfied desire to learn new techniques, Carla Tolomeo succeeds in transforming her chairs into totems, into something magical that recalls an almost rediscovered childhood, with a hint of malice of those who have lived life intensely. 

She is approached by great stylists, architects and interior designers because her creations are an innovative aesthetic expression in the somewhat obvious panorama of contemporary art.

Much attention is also given to the search for fabrics and trimmings, which for her have the equivalent importance of colors in painting. Silk, satin, velvet, lampas, gobelins, half stitches, Indian mats and fabrics: each of her works of art is the result of a combination of form and color mix.

The result is something surprisingly modern, even if it is full of memory and added value given by the transience of things, by that rebirth from dust, to be reborn in something new, unexpected and original.

At SpazioTID showroom, very close to Milan, it is possible to admire one of her chair-sculptures, to be precise an armchair in Homage to Andy Warhol, charged with the strong personality and elegance of Carla Tolomeo. We are waiting for you!


Chiara Mattavelli

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