“Maóli is an idea of freedom,
the freedom to live in a personal context surrounded by vital objects
that express a taste for authentic materials, a passion for craftsmanship."

This is how Maurizio Fardo defines his company Maòli, a company that has distinguished itself since its early years for its originality and refinement, where craftsmanship is the only true key word.

Furnishing complements and design objects that are inspired by the shapes of nature and that encompass all the experience and passion for the work of expert craftsmen who today become increasingly rare and valuable in the field of furniture.

Among the numerous productions, the aluminium one stands out without any doubt, obtained through the use of various types of salvaged pieces, found in the most hidden areas of Madagascar: old engines, pieces of aircraft, cans, pots and pans and cutlery of all kinds.

Everything is then reclaimed, worked and thrown into the sand following ancient procedures and only after having extracted it, brushed and polished, it takes on the characteristic silver color.

Each element created is therefore unique, even in its imperfections, which make it even more precious and special. The cone-shaped vases, Kony, are definitely an example. Modern, current and essential. They can be placed in any furniture, even existing ones, and fully represent the great manual skill of Maòli, the result of years of experience.

The collection is enriched by numerous pieces with simple and very geometric shapes. The refinement of the coloring combined with the surface, which is never the same and often irregular, makes every single object fascinating and never trivial. Rody, rectangular centrepiece, can be combined, for example, with the suggestive trio of trays in the shape of leaves, Félana.

Lebé, a bowl or centrepiece, completes the offer by demonstrating the great mastery of Maòli craftsmen, increasingly rare in the field of furniture, where the construction of each complement is now entrusted to very precise (perhaps too much) industrial machinery.

It is possible to see the numerous pieces of the collection at SpazioTID, the ideal place for design lovers a stone's throw from Milan, or on the online shop for a quicker purchase and comfortably seated on your sofa at home!

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.theinteriordesign.it/en/

Chiara Mattavelli

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