Bygone days fueled by eras ranging from minimalism through to constructivism, have been absolutely revolutionary in the many fields of design.

It’s difficult to dictate what era we are in right now.

“If we were to define this current “era,” an intriguing ideology perhaps, is an era of disruptors.”

There are people that are trying to shake up what’s out there and wake people up by pushing the boundaries.

This disruptive method has been an answer to people becoming too complacent and not engaging their minds to create unique solutions.

Industry’s across the board are now adopting this method of thinking, from film through to F&B. 

Paul article 4
Wavehouse disrupts the F&B scene in Dubai through its groundbreaking immersive experience offering and diverse design solutions.


The offering of food is becoming increasingly innovative - Torno Subito becoming a prime example of this as the chefs constantly invent unprecedented recipes and presentation.

Venues such as this are known to be slightly more controversial and off the grid compared to what we have become accustomed to over the years, and question our ways of doing things.

Eras link genres together, from film to design and music to fashion. A prominent example being punk music.

“The latest genre of music that influenced fashion was punk. I personally believe there hasn’t been a movement with as much momentum that has been able to influence the whole artistic world and naturally other genres as ground breaking as that.”

Paul article 4
Punk fashion realized through fashion icons such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier in the 1970s/80s.


Regrettably hard to predict, there seems to be a huge void in the coming of a specific era. No doubt, there has been and continues to be great design.

But that’s not to mean it can be classed as an era, given an absence of a particular type or style that is influencing all genres.

Trends exist, but they are transit; the next generation do not rely on them.

Do not limit yourself to what is current or hot in this moment, but rather focus on unique and revolutionary solutions, for it is this way of thinking that will truly define the design world to come.

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