Imagine yourself walking into a spacious hotel suite, complete with stunning views, a California king bed and even its own jacuzzi. I bet you’re also imagining how at ease and relaxed you are in this hotel room. Where we are and what surrounds us contributes to our moods, emotions and even our daily behaviors. Therefore it makes sense that interior design and well-being go hand in hand, in other words, see how your home’s decor and design have a profound effect on your mental and physical health.


You may or may not already know this but the amount of light, whether natural or artificial, your home is receiving is affecting your state of mind.

Those with more lighting in their homes are expected to be more optimistic, relaxed and confident. If you want to wake up refreshed, look around your room and take note of all the lights around.

A simple home improvement idea is to add as much natural lighting as possible, if not possible, try to add more artificial lighting and see how the extra lights add to your overall mood.


So just like lighting, the colours that are present in our houses can affect our moods and emotions. Have you ever wondered why many restaurants choose to have red in their logos?

Perhaps the colour red evokes hunger, as well as love and desire. Scientist agree that colours can stimulate or suppress specific. An interior design tip that will be a positive impact on your well-being is to choose decor and furnishings in the colour palettes you like.

Once surrounded by your favourite shades, watch how fast your mood will be uplifted.


From easy-to-care-for succulents to more elaborate plants, greenery will add a breath of fresh air to any area and is a home design that has a positive effect on your overall well-being.

If you aren’t familiar, feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of creating harmony in your home. If you aren’t ready to feng shui your home, a good start is to add greenery.

Incorporate the natural world into your home interior design, and natural elements to help create a calm and serene space, that will, in turn, help you to maintain a calm state of mind.


Lighting, colour, and feng shui are all home interior tools that can help make your space expansive. However, our interior designers say one way to cheer up any home and its residences is to decorate with decor and accessories that make you happy.

If you love that antique, your grandma passed on to you, make it the focal point of the room. You have to live in your home; you should love the items in it.

Plus, you’re more likely to enjoy an area of your home decoration if it is filled with color and sentimental items you cherish the most.

Source: Article by Decor Aid

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