Pooja Solanki: My Five current design OBSESSIONS


Though we don’t think of ourselves as overly trendy - we identify as timeless and classic, thanks to the market - there are certain interior products, concepts, and themes that come and go depending on what tastemakers are drawn towards at the moment. I personally keep changing my likes and dislikes when it comes to design, but at the moment I am currently obsessing over these five design trends. 

Oversized Art
When it comes to art, in most cases I like a bold move. Massive abstracts, huge sculptures, sizable textured wall hangings are my favourite. I believe that art can totally "make" a space. An otherwise serene room can come alive with the pop that an attractively scaled abstract work can offer. Oversized art is always a focal point. This is why when used, the rest of the room is usually very simple. Whether you love yours painted, printed or framed I think you'll agree that adding colour and style to your walls is a genius move in any space.

Rose Gold
Rose Gold is one of the hot new metallic colours that is sweeping the interior design and fashion worlds. It’s a beautiful and rich warm hue that’s close to copper but with a bit more yellow to it - and it’s definitely one of my new favorite colours. Rose Gold is a great choice when it comes to home decor because of its warmth and unexpected colour, that still blends well with a variety of other hues and design styles. It can be soft, bold, sparkly, matte, or have a metallic sheen. When using this colour in your home, use it sparingly, as an accent, to keep it from overwhelming. The best pieces of furniture that come in Rose Gold are coffee and side tables and various different lighting fixtures. It is also the perfect colour for accessories like kitchenware, throw pillows and other textiles, and small items like planters, frames, and figurines.


Marble may invoke images of sleek kitchen counters, but there's no need to downgrade the material to that singular design purpose. Thanks to the minimal colour palette and unpredictable swirls, marble feels decidedly of-the-moment, no matter where you use it. From bed linens to throw pillows to serving trays, marble is popping up everywhere when it comes to decor. And as an added bonus, it looks absolutely charming with just about any metallic. The beautiful stone has been used in everything from sculpture to architecture since ancient times, and for modern day luxury items it is the epitome of classic style. 

Tropical Prints
In case you haven't heard, the tropical decor is having a moment right now – as exemplified at INDEX 2017. Exotic colors and textures - fit for a balmy oasis like the Bahamas or Fiji - have been making a splash on the 2017 home design circuit, and I can't get enough of the sizzling trend. Sure, tropical looks can be flamboyant, but that doesn't mean they have to be tacky. Bold, over-scale tropical leaves in graphic prints can make a classy statement. From lighting to cushions, wallpaper to duvets, hallways to mirrors, fashionable tropical décor strikes the right balance between showcasing vivacious colors and nailing that relaxing holiday ambiance. Think flowery prints with soft, light greens, pale pinks and patterns with subtle coral, brown and blue undertones. A tropical interior design theme isn’t about making overly wild statements and making your house guests feel like they’re living in Rio in the middle of Mardi Gras. Instead, it’s about embracing a welcome boost of color into the home, all in good taste. It’s about being light and breezy.

Mixing Metals
Gone are the days of worrying that your fixtures are perfectly matching. Mixed metals have been making waves in interior design for quite some time now. Done well, the presence of mixed metals gives your space interesting personality and adds visual depth to your home. However, when playing with mixed metals there are many factors you want to consider in order to successfully execute the trend. The size of your space, the metal hues, the amount of metal to incorporate, and the placement are all important factors in achieving the contemporarily characteristic look of mixed metals. When selecting your metal accents, consider blending warm and cool tones. Warmly toned metals, like brass and bronze, add an astonishing accent of colour, and when used in juxtaposition with cool toned metals like stainless steel and aluminum. This opposition is what makes mixing metals so attractive and will create the most impact with your space.


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