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Predictions on the ‘way forward’ for residential, office & retail interiors

11 Jun. 2020

Pro Ivy Design, is an emerging international design firm specializing in architecture, interior & retail store design.



Pinaki is an architect with more than 2 decades of international experience and is Founder of Pro Ivy Design. He specializes in interior design of retail stores, offices, financial institutions, residential etc, in addition to designing architectural projects.


As we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way the “Out of Home” environment is evolving and bringing changes to human lifestyle & behavior, here are some of the thoughts that in general will influence Architecture & Interior Design in near future.

• The demand for the built environment will not dampen but will witness a sector-wise shift in space requirement and the change will be visible on medium to long term basis.
• The current alteration in the human behavioral patterns due to health & safety concerns will define a change in the design requirement of public, work and residential space. People would be extra conscious towards the environmental safety of premises and space design needs to convey that sense of wellbeing to make it livable and commercially viable.
Environment friendly, as well as biophilic designs, will gain momentum and application of ecofriendly material will see encouragement.
• Services in public arenas will see less human interaction with an adaptation of quality technology.
Automation will gain pace with Voice Recognition, IR Sensors along with Pedal Operated Mechanical Systems.
Surface engineering will be in focus with greater demand for anti-microbial surfaces, materials and alloys. Coatings, Paints with such properties shall see demand along with disinfectant technologies of UV and IR rays.
• Greater demand for Design + Build solutions for small to medium scale projects.
Outsourcing will see an upswing with designers & teams being hired on a project basis.

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN approach will change, as with passing time the line between outdoor and indoor activity is being blurred and our home increasingly becomes multi centric activity space for Eat, Sleep, Work, Play & Pray.

While experience is valued more in our lives over the material, minimalistic lifestyle is taking over and reflects in the home décor requirement as well. Here follow few points to consider in evolving residential design.

• Dedicated entrance foyer will almost become essential and will act as a transition zone between the indoor and outdoor environments.
• Houses with ample Sunlight, Natural Air & Cross Ventilation will be sought and large windows, east or south-facing opening up to balcony will be preferred.
• With demand for work and education activity to be carried out seamlessly from home, dedicated work & study area for each working parent & child with noise barrier between them will be required.
• The desire for integration with nature will increase and biophilic design shall come more into play especially in dense urban environments.
• With fitness classes gaining track online along with home entertainment channels like video streaming of movies, games, etc, a dedicated or a multipurpose activity area is desired.
• With screen time increasing, good quality ergonomic furniture and high-speed internet shall see higher demand.

OFFICE DESIGN and workspace requirement which already underwent a drastic change in recent years would see further changes and here are few points to consider as our pattern for work-life changes and keeps evolving.

• Today tasks are being carried out without a fixed geographical location and there is an overlapping of work activity at home and office space, as such offices tend to become a space for collaboration & meeting for team working.
• More hot-desk and less individually dedicated space shall be required with an added area for personal storage.
• With demand for touchless movement, public areas shall see more automation in vertical transportation, access control, etc.
• Video, voice communication and streaming services shall see an adaptation of the latest technologies.
• With work station requirements ever-changing in each company, flexibility in design is key and large offices or co-working space may see an adaptation of data-driven analytics for space planning.
• Enclosed air-conditioned building space will see higher demand for fresh air and some degree of naturally ventilated space would be encouraged.

SHOPPING & PHYSICAL RETAIL as a business model has been fast-changing during the past few years and with recent events, health & safety shall remain concerned of paramount importance for both workforce & customers. The following will influence future store design.

• Malls/stores must communicate hygiene and needs to be less crowded with healthy aisle space between them.
• People would seek emotional upliftment and happiness and would love to see the freshness and positive change in physical retail space. Remerchandising with creative VM elements would help in generating that freshness.
• For a business to stay relevant store floor plate as well as look & feel will see a change in medium to long term.
• Omnichannel shall become a must for all retailers, physical retail shall keep its relevance with experience, touch & feel & personalized shopping.
• Due to demand for hyper hygiene, automation & robotics shall come in play and soon we may see tech like robotic arms and robots in food preparation, delivery as well as in other touchpoints.
• Infrastructure like automated doors, contactless transactions, self-check-out, etc, shall get incorporated without choice.


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