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VitrA’s new transformative hygiene technology in toilet areas

03 Aug. 2021

VitrA is the only brand in global markets offering every component of the bathroom. Applying design intelligence to the total bathroom concept, it creates inspiring bathrooms in a wide range of choices complete to the smallest detail. VitrA Bathrooms is the Platinum Sponsor for the INDEX Design Awards ceremony, set to take place on 31st August at The Ritz-Carlton DIFC.


Bidet function controlled by
touch-free technology

Controlled by a built-in sensor, the touch-free bidet function enhances personal hygiene in public toilets and reduces the risk of pathogen cross-contamination.

Accidental operation is prevented by the sensor in the control panel, which detects the user is seated on the toilet before turning on the system.


Touch-free toilet seat to prevent the spread of pathogens

VitrA’s Touch-free Toilet Seat opens and closes the lid automatically to reduce the risk of pathogen cross-contamination.

Designed to be used with the V-Care Smart Panel, the lid lifts on detecting the user, preparing the WC pan without the need to touch.

The spread-free feature of the V-Care Smart Panel automatic mode closes the lid once the user has stood up and left before flushing in order to prevent the risk of bioaerosol contamination via inhalation or sticking to surfaces. It also guarantees a clean WC pan, ready for the next user. In the manual mode, the lid and flushing operations are determined by the user.

Manufactured from hygienic Duroplast material, the VitrA Touch-free Toilet Seat prevents the growth of microorganisms on its surface. The sleek look and compact structure ensure uncompromising comfort and hygiene at the same time.

As the touch-free seat draws power from the control panel, no additional wiring is needed, a point that makes installation safe and easy. With an IP44 rating, it is protected from dust and water spray, thereby facilitating routine WC pan cleaning. The V-Care Smart Panel takes over in the case of a power cut to provide power for up to ten washes. A further safety measure is the lid motor which automatically shifts to idle in case of anything getting caught, thereby protecting both the user and the seat/lid.

Having passed the 200,000 cycles test, the VitrA Touch-free Seat offers problem-free operation even under the most intense usage conditions.


A platform to simplify toilet refurbishment with touch-free products

RenoForm is a refurbishment platform that enables the installation of electronic and smart products without the need for wall and infrastructure renovation, thereby simplifying the installation of touch-free products.

Power is carried into the platform through one single cable before updating the toilet area to a touch-free one. The integrated power unit in the platform converts mains 220 V A/C to 6 V D/C for safe feed into every touch-free product via the V-Care Smart Panel or the VitrA Touch-free Control Panels.

In addition to simplifying installation, RenoForm also allows for rapid and easy maintenance thanks to a service hatch at the side.

The RenoForm range supports solutions suitable for all refurbishment needs in a variety of spaces. Three alternatives make it easy for transforming toilet areas of any type: floor-standing or wall-hung WCs, with or without VitrA concealed cisterns.

Slim body RenoForms for wall-hung WCs with VitrA concealed cisterns use the existing concealed cistern infrastructure, whilst the cistern in other types of WCs is fitted into the platform.

Made of aluminum composite material, the platform exterior is resistant to cleaning chemicals and corrosion.


Touch-free flushing technology

The control panel with VitrA Touch-free technology improves hygiene in public toilets. As there is no need to touch a flush button, the risk of pathogen cross-contamination is reduced.

Once the control panel with VitrA Touch-free technology has detected the user and monitored the amount of time spent in front of it, it flushes the bowl with the appropriate volume of water, thereby saving water. A button on the panel gives the option of mechanical operation in case of a power cut.


Touch-free auto and periodic flush

An indispensable element in the VitrA smart bathroom products ecosystem, the V-Care Smart Panel undertakes a major role in creating a hygienic environment and protecting public health. With twenty-two patented technologies, the V-Care Smart Panel’s auto flush feature prevents the need to touch the panel and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Even when a manual flush is required, there is no need to touch the panel; it is enough to bring the hand to 10 mm away from the panel. In case a second flush is necessary to clear the bowl, the V-Care Smart Panel waits until the cistern is completely full to ensure a more effective flush.

A period of inactivity could lead to bacterial proliferation, backflow through the waste pipes and even a build-up of minerals and other deposits. The periodic flush mode regularly washes the bowl to minimise the risk of dirt, stains, odours and bacterial growth, thereby greeting users with a hygienically clean toilet every time. The default setting is ON, but it can be turned OFF via the mobile app.

The mobile app offers additional benefits such as comfort, usage data display, remote control and updating. Thanks to the network connection, the V-Care Smart Panel firmware always remains up to date. The dashboard enables remote monitoring of all installed plates, statistics viewing, and function control for commercial enterprises and institutions.


Ion-rich technology that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria

VitrA Hygiene, which coats all VitrA ceramicware, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria by 99.9%. By disrupting the cellular structure of bacteria that cling to the surface during use, this proprietary glaze prevents them from proliferating into a colony.

Tests in accordance with the national and universal ISO 22196, JIS Z 2801, ASTM E 3031-15, and TSE 13420 protocols have verified the efficacy of VitrA Hygiene against gram-negative ( Escherichia coli ) and gram-positive ( Staphylococcus aureus ) strains.

The VitrA Hygiene glaze coats all external and internal surfaces prior to firing in a process that ensures lifetime VitrA Hygiene protection for VitrA ceramic sanitaryware even under the most intense usage conditions.

Rimless WC that leaves no room for dirt

The VitrA Rim-ex system flushes every part of the VitrA wall-hung WC bowl, leaving bacteria nowhere to hide. Free of the channels that can harbour harmful bacteria and microorganisms, the VitrA Rim-ex toilet is easier to clean and 95% more hygienic than standard pans. The triple-nozzle diverter and the smooth curvature of the bowl give a thorough and 25% more hygienic flush each time.

Hygienic coating that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria

Your health is better protected as every touch is now safer, thanks to the special VitrA Hygiene control panel coating, which prevents finger marks and inhibits by 99.9% the growth of gram negative ( Escherichia coli ) and gram positive ( Staphylococcus aureus ) bacteria.


VitrA Bathrooms

VitrA is the flagship brand of Eczacıbaşı, a leading Turkish industrial group. The Eczacıbaşı Group’s core sectors are building products, healthcare and consumer products. VitrA is the only brand in global markets offering every component of the bathroom as well as an extensive range of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Developing innovative products for unique bathroom experiences and an extensive range of tiles for a world where needs and tastes are growing ever closer, and ever more singular at the same time, and an unshakable commitment
to sustainability: these are some of the main reasons for VitrA’s rising success as an exciting brand across the world.

VitrA is the Platinum Sponsor for the INDEX Design Awards ceremony. The next INDEX Exhibition takes place 24 - 26 May at the Dubai World Trade Centre.


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