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The new smart concealed Presto box Thermostatic water saving shower

11 Jan. 2023

PRESTO, a leading company in durable and environmental issues related to water in public and commercial buildings has introduced a new product to integrate a smart shower experience in spas, premium gyms or hotels pools.


Be smart and classy when it comes to save water and ensure safety of your customers in spas, premium gyms or hotels pools. The PRESTO smart shower experience.

French expert and manufacturer of water saving taps since 1927, PRESTO is helping owners, designers and facility managers to integrate smart showers and faucets in public and commercial buildings.

Water-Saving, comfort, safety for users, and easy integration are PRESTO’s DNA.

For places like spas, hotel pools, premium gyms, where comfort and safety are key for the customers/users, it is rather difficult to install self-closing showers. Regular self-closing showers do not fit the overall image provided by the designers.


The new PRESTO Box Thermostatic concealed shower offers the perfect package:

  • Concealed design and programmable self-closing command through a light touch
  • ON/OFF command, but the shower will turn itself off if the user forgets to close it after his/her shower
  • Thermostatic technology to ensure safety and comfort for the users
  • Automatic rinsing programmable by facility manager to prevent legionella issues

The smart PRESTO Box Touch shower comes with a 10-year guarantee.

The new PRESTO Box Touch thermostatic shower is easy to operate and resistant to intensive use.


Since 1927, PRESTO has been a leading company in durable and environmental issues related to water in public and commercial buildings (faucets, showers, flush valves, urinals, self-closing, touch and sensor technologies).

PRESTO Middle East has been operating for almost 30 years in the GCC area through its local subsidiary in Dubai and its long-time local partners.

PRESTO loves water…

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Local contact: David Heyberger, PRESTO Middle East Regional Manager [email protected]

Corporate and press contact : Thierry Vivier, Marketing Director [email protected]