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Sandalyeci fuses luxury and comfort for SOS Cafe

31 Oct. 2022

Save Our Souls, a trendy cafe in the heart of Abu Dhabi, needed that bright, sunny beach-like ambience within the cafe. Sandalyeci aced at giving SOS just that and more.


Sandalyeci aced at giving SOS just that and more. Sandalyeci’s Hill Rope Chair, built for casual comfort just about transcends you to another world. Two natural material - Wood & natural Rope, are combined with a cozy design. The comfort, the design, and the feel-good vibe are perfect for this Cafe.

USP of the Product:

  1. Sustainable material
  2. Contemporary and elegant style
  3. Uncompromised quality furniture and yet cost effective
  4. Furniture that harmoniously blends with this ambience
  5. Bulk orders anywhere in the UAE and GCC countries
  6. Materials of superior quality used to build furniture that lasts
  7. The greatest customer service in the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council.