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Maristo hospitality transforms its all-day dining experiences with brand creative

31 Oct. 2022

Maristo Hospitality approached well-known design house Brand Creative to craft a space and create the entirety of a new brand identity that encompasses an all-day dining experience with a focus on breakfast, baked goods and exceptional coffee.


Maristo Hospitality approached us to craft a space and create the entirety of a new brand identity that encompasses an all-day dining experience with a focus on breakfast, baked goods and exceptional coffee. Brand Creative were tasked to position this concept as a place that leans towards being premium whilst still being accessible to all. Their multidisciplinary team developed a concept that stands out in experience and brand positioning. Creating a timeless, European (Viennese) brand, erring on the side of modernity, was no small task. This new brand needed to be memorable, engaging, multi-sensory, and carry an aesthetic which is synonymous with Viennese heritage.  It was also key to create a concept that possesses the potential to be scaled internationally.

Diving deep into the search of Vienna’s extensive and historically significant past, we travelled to Vienna to unearth its true nature. What we found at the core of the city’s history, was a woman - daring, cunning, influential, and as memorable as the brand we wanted to create. Inspired by her life and experiences, the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Sisi, raised to the occasion as the source of our inspiration.


Elizabeth’s quirks not only assisted us in telling a brand narrative with soul, but resulted in them drawing influence from a deeply human and relatable place that translates to consumers in an authentic way. Sisi was glamorous yet untamed, edgy yet loving, tragic yet triumphant. In the same respect, their interiors are a study of contrast, fusing delicate curves and traditional wall detailing with bold volumetric shapes and dramatic patterns.

Modernized Viennese style furnishings finished with rattan, wood and velvet, allowed them to introduce subtle color variations whilst keeping the European aesthetic alive. The space is an eclectic mix of modernity, juxtaposed with historical references. This is an interior that is inspired to push the limits whilst referencing a specific point in history.


A sense of romantic fantasy is infused with the introduction of a beautifully detailed black metal staircase. Set amongst various planted vases to conjure visions of a palace greenhouse, the staircase provides guests the opportunity to interact with it as a photography opportunity. The kitchen wall is a playful rendition of layered curved archways that incorporate various textures and offer soft illumination.  Inverted wildflower bouquet chandeliers loom over circular banquette booths.

Their strategy focused on the centralized dessert display – allowing the cakes and pastries to play on a tantalizing multisensory experience that aims to have guests “eating with their eyes first”. Seating and ceiling features were organized around this display as well as the live Kaiserschmarnn (pancake) cooking station so that the theatrical experience of the baristas and pastry chefs could be maximized from several angles.

The colour palette was inspired by vintage subdued tones such as terracotta, blush, slate, sage and hunter green. The Neoclassic and Romanticism art movements had great influence over Empress Sisi’s world and we wanted to ensure this aesthetic was carried through, with an underlying contemporary twist, in the interiors and graphic elements.

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