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How Preciosa Lighting uses its 300-year heritage to craft innovative lighting for the future

29 Jun. 2021

Preciosa Lighting’s Cultivation of Chandeliers is the expression of the Bohemian crystal glassmaking tradition that dates to 1724. Preciosa Lighting will be a part of the INDEX Design Awards ceremony, 31st August 2021 as Gold Sponsors for the big night.


The Czech-based company designs and manufactures bespoke crystal chandeliers for high-end hospitality and residential projects, with a focus on innovation through the use of dynamic and interactive lighting integrations. It is through these features that Preciosa ensures their chandeliers always reflect the genius loci, luxury lifestyle, and make a timeless statement for the future.

“Our Cultivation of Chandeliers concept stems from our extensive legacy and our heritage in the heart of the Bohemian crystal making region of Crystal Valley,” said George Karl, Managing Director, Preciosa Lighting, Gulf. “This is where we use our generational craftsmanship combined with our state-of-the-art production methods and innovative materials and technology to create new interpretations of chandeliers as well as our unique Signature Designs.”

Preciosa’s portfolio features Lighting Collections, Bespoke Installations and Signature Designs. Their lights are cultivated from the company’s generational know-how; reviving masterpieces based on Bohemian traditions passed down through many generations of glassmaking families. Preciosa presents the elegance of a chandelier in three different formats – Historic Design, Contemporary Colour and New Interpretation. Collections also include a Solitaires line created in collaboration with global designers.



Breakthrough production methods and materials have given the company the opportunity to revive historic chandeliers into lighting symbols that maintain a classical allure but also offer new colours, compositions, and design perspectives.

These forward-thinking designs come from an inherent love and understanding of crystal and light.

The highest level of chandelier cultivation is Signature Designs. These customizable lights create unrivaled emotional experiences by combining the traditional art form of chandelier craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Architects and designers use Signature Designs as a strategic way to include bespoke lighting installations in their spaces. From historic chandeliers to Signature Designs, Preciosa is focused on presenting contemporary styles with a timeless quality.



Preciosa’s heritage shines through their Lighting Collections, but their Bespoke Installations tell the story of the future of crystal lighting. At Preciosa, everything is created under one roof. The company has hundreds of skilled craftspeople and lighting professionals that manage every step of the design and production process; ultimately ensuring that their quality can be maintained throughout. The company prototypes the designs in their factory and even has a large assembly hall for the pre-assembly of the lighting installations to make sure that every element works in elegant unison.

Whether in Milan, Dubai, or New York, Preciosa has become renowned for their interactive lighting installations; if a project calls for a dynamic or interactive element, their in-house R&D Team creates the unimaginable. In fact, Preciosa has one of the largest Innovation Labs for bespoke decorative lighting in central Europe, specialising in designing and testing lighting technology to meet the demands for contemporary and dynamic installations. It is this forward-thinking that makes the company in high demand not only in the Middle East but also with designers around the world looking to create an impact in their spaces.


A perfect example of how Preciosa puts this thinking into practice is the Canopy of Light installation in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira in Dubai. Entering the space, guests are instantly captivated by the gorgeous crystal and brass trees spread throughout the lobby. In total, there are 14 trees in three different sizes, each made from hundreds of individually hand-blown Bohemian crystal leaves with a champagne matte brass finish. The central idea behind the installation was to create a lighting canopy within the main lobby that would be a relaxing and welcoming space for the guests. In addition, Canopy of Light is a dynamic installation, meaning the lights in the trees are specially programmed to produce different lighting effects throughout the day.

“Canopy of Light was designed and produced in the Crystal Valley,” said Mr. Karl. “Spanning 106,000 sqm in area, our facilities in the Crystal Valley are second to none. Whether it’s our team of talented designers, master glassblowers, futuristic Innovation Lab, or our skilled craftsmen and engineers, we bring together so many lighting and crystal professionals to guarantee that every Preciosa piece is a work of art.”

“Our goal is to connect people through light,” said Mr. Karl. “We do this by creating exquisite yet functional and decorative lighting that contributes to a spaces' atmosphere while creating timeless memories for all the visitors.”



Preciosa Lighting elevates the heritage of Bohemian crystal through contemporary lighting designs. The company is built on centuries of tradition and the unique art of master glassmakers from Crystal Valley. We honour this heritage and craftsmanship by creating innovative lighting products that stand the test of time.

Preciosa Lighting joins INDEX Design Awards as Gold Sponsors. The next edition of INDEX Exhibition takes place on 24 - 26 May 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.


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