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Aster Pharmacy’s New Flagship Wellness and Beauty Destination

31 Oct. 2022

Brand Creative reinvents the traditional experience of visiting a pharmacy by crafting a design aesthetic that embodies Aster Pharmacy's innovative, lifestyle-focused motivation on wellness and speaks meaningfully to the target demographic.


Aster DM Healthcare approached Brand Creative earlier last year to reinvent the traditional experience people expect when visiting a pharmacy. They were tasked with creating a flagship wellness and beauty destination that reimagines the regional pharmacy market, by crafting a design aesthetic that embodies the brand’s innovative, lifestyle-focused motivation on wellness and speaks meaningfully to the target demographic.

The pandemic has made consumers today more aware and more tech-savvy, and this has led to the creation of the new-age health-conscious consumer segment where the demand for convenience is reshaping the delivery of care. Their aim with this concept is to bring a new era of integrated design technology to pharmacy design by implementing interactive and engaging technologies that offer clients a more personal service through a journey-like experience through the store. With staff and tech alike, they will make Aster bigger than it already is, and give the people of the UAE the personalized healthcare that they deserve.


Their inspiration is founded in the very core of every human being, our DNA. Distinctive to each individual and yet connects them all through its shape and design, it is the foundation upon which every part of the human body is built; the key influence of this concept’s design. Using molecular-shaped beads wrapped in natural earthy tones they encapsulated the space with strands, mirroring the organic shape of DNA.

Each area is illuminated with pastel shades of blue, green and pink that are shaped in resemblance of the heart’s atriums. They included biophilic elements throughout the space allowing for a natural, textural quality to the interior and creating an instantly calming atmosphere contrary to the commonly known “clinical feel” experienced in pharmacies. Well-lit and soft-curved benches, shelving and display cases welcome customers to browse with ease, where clever lighting strategy is used to emulate the same radiant glow of good health, evoking an uplifting feeling and highlighting merchandise and wall features.


Keeping budget and scalability as top priority, they're proud to declare that the entirety of the store fixtures, civil works and materials, except for lighting, was sourced and built in the UAE.  When considering sustainable thinking as taking into consideration carbon footprint as one of design’s greatest offenders, they have really achieved a significant result.

The development of this wellness experience includes a centralized health advice station with the personal added element of a private consultation and treatment room, designed and strategically placed to set customers' minds at ease. Ultimately this pharmacy is recreated to embody a health and wellness destination where healing and holistic wellness can be approached in a comfortable and organic way.  Their yoga room and chakra healing rooms (in select locations only) will show the general population that this retail brand is open to offering services that are in line with the forward-thinking views of their customers.

This concept is currently being adopted across 120 locations with the flagship pharmacy having opened this year in May in Ibn Battuta Mall.