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Ashtaar Interior Design gets a facelift

16 Aug. 2022

Ashtaar Interior Design is a full-service interior design and fit-out company that was established in 1997.


Ashtaar Interior Design is a full-service interior design and fit out company that was established in 1997. With over 2 decades of experience, Ashtaar provides innovative solutions and creates a state-of-the-art design that is tailormade to its clients’ requirements. They provide turnkey design & fit-out services to a variety of projects such as villas, retail, hospitality, healthcare, workspaces, boutiques, restaurants, cafés and others.

Two years ago, Ashtaar Interiors changed its management and along with that came a lot more changes enhancing the overall customer journey and experience. As a start, they built a fully customized 2-bedroom show apartment of 320sqm showcasing their work by designing and executing a fully furnished show apartment including 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, office and bathroom. This helps the customer really understand the scope of what Ashtaar Interiors can do and can also showcase the high quality of finishes that customers can expect once they work with Ashtaar Interiors.


One of the main challenges in the fit-out business these days is that the customer would like to see what they will get in advance and with this new showroom, Ashtaar Interiors helps close the bridge as it is nearly impossible to take customers to completed projects to see the work, especially for private residential projects which is the core of Ashtaar Interiors’ business.

In addition to the showroom, they have revamped their reception area and offices as well and integrated new designs and technologies showcasing their ability to execute even some of the most difficult designs while staying true to the designer’s design.

To be able to continuously deliver the highest quality, Ashtaar Interiors upgraded its machinery to state-of-the-art machinery in its joinery division aligning with the latest market trends and standards. They also built a new metal division enabling them to overlook the full metal production, guaranteeing all elements are executed to the highest standards.

Other than the physical changes, they have opened up a fully serviced design studio where their experienced designers assist in bringing the client’s dreams to reality by working closely with the client, understanding the space they are working with, and meticulously curating a design that is aligned with the client requirements. This in-house service allows the client to have a one-stop destination whereby they can fully design and execute their space under one roof and without the hassle of dealing with many different entities which has been proven to be quite inconvenient.

They have also tied up with the leading local suppliers in the market ensuring that they can get all the material specified in a project within a reasonable time frame and more importantly at better rates which in turn is more cost-effective for clients. In case specified material is not available; their team of experts will provide alternative options within the same price range while staying true to the design.

Needless to mention, Ashtaar Interiors is the sister company of Marwa Marble which is the leading marble company in the region with over 3 decades of experience. Together, they provide solutions for flooring, staircases, wall designs, countertops, furniture, and more using the highest quality of marble procured from all regions of the world.

Ashtaar Interior Design is known for its high-quality standards and for working closely with its clients to ensure that every element of the process is carried out to the highest standards. With recently completed projects in private residences, retail stores, offices, restaurants, and more, Ashtaar Interiors is continuously striving for more success proving itself to be one of the leading fit-out and design companies in the United Arab Emirates.