Our challenge is to find a balance between new styles and classic ones. One way we address this is by sourcing and selecting updated versions of classics. Over the next few years, our endeavour will be to continue to listen to what our customers want and tweak our offering in order to deliver it to them. Here are three ways Home Box stays popular in the UAE:

1. Make Sure Global Meets Local

While there are several local and international brands in the value home furniture and décor segment, our USP is that our products are customised for the GCC and not generic or mass-produced. Every year, our design team works to source furniture and furnishings that are on trend internationally but appeal to the local market. A high degree of localization is taken into account to cater to regional tastes, something international brands don’t necessarily do very well. We also never lose sight of our primary goal – value. Home Box has always been about style and quality at affordable prices. We pay close attention to our customers’ feedback and being a home grown brand, we have the agility to make changes and updates quickly. And we do it all year round. For instance, classic gold-rimmed dinnerware is much more popular locally than printed dinnerware, so we make sure this is always available.

2. Always Prioritise Functional Style

Over the years, we’ve seen a clear pattern emerge with regard to the Home Box customer, who quite obviously, values good quality and style but is not over-the-top experimental. Trends are important, but not more than tradition. I’ve mentioned some of these findings in my previous articles, but they are worth reiterating to give you an insight into the regional customer. They tend to prefer what we refer to as 365-day colours - greys, beiges, off-whites and greens. Funky prints and colours are reserved for accent furniture. We offer trend colours, but in more limited numbers. Strong prints and colours which do well in the West have fewer takers here, but classic lanterns, golden accents, metallics and embellishments are always coveted. We source a lot of products from Turkey, especially furniture with carved arms and backs, as they perfectly unite regional style with value prices. At Home Box, we definitely tend to put the emphasis on functionality and form.

3. Experimenting Helps Find the Winning Formula

Understanding our customers’ tastes is a continuously evolving process. Sometimes, international trends that we bring to the region don’t enjoy the same degree of success. Our tropical print collection did reasonably well, but it never became the rage it was in the West. A while back, we experimented with very ornate lanterns, which to our surprise did not pick up as well as the simple metal-and-glass alternatives. While other designer fashion brands have a huge amount of success with outré style (Roberto Cavalli’s animal furniture for instance), Home Box shoppers love clean simple lines with a touch of tradition and bling.

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