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STRAIGHT FROM THE DESIGNER: ESRA LEMMENS ON Channeling Design through Business

Managing the creative side of business, channeling, and controlling all your creative energy to maximize productivity, involves effective communication from both sides; the business and the creator. It is just this synergy, coalition and the thorough understanding of the nature and inner workings of each medium of design management that enables us to choose the most suitable medium for every situation.

When done effectively, comprehensively and strategically, it can systematize the company so that it reaches its maximum potential, eventually leading your company to generate more sales and higher profits.

All of this occurs most efficiently when design is driven by customized design management. At the Esra Lemmens Agency, this is of paramount importance to bring clarity and definition to the designers’ work and convey that wow factor, and channeling that enriching and fulfilling energy that speaks so directly to peoples’ hearts.

That heavenly emotional experience surpasses all the monotonous theories, discourse and barriers of language and culture and brings Art to the forefront, eliminating every other form of noise. This is the only way to turn a tedious art task into a memorable and fun one, one that stays in the viewers’ minds because it has successfully conveyed its message.

Some light also needs to be shed on design communication. As a strategic coalition between design and information development, it is in a constant state of metamorphosis. It is not concerned only with utilizing the channels already present, like print, craft, electronic media or other communication forms with people, but also with creating new media channels to ensure that the message reaches the larger audience.

It must be tailored to people of different cultures, while retaining pleasurable visual design- which is why some designers use graphic design and communication interchangeably. These are all important pieces of information to add to a media communication kit to get the best results.

Design management is collaboration with others, between conceptual designers and commercial companies, to co-create and influence a constantly evolving media. However, it can only thrive if it maintains its connection with research, development and innovation.

In order to evoke cultural and emotional reactions, one needs consistent research, effective communication, tangible and empowering emotional reactions and experiences to cultivate and harness the company’s full potential. In the words of Esra Lemmens herself, “There exists a magical balance between business and design, design and craft; intuition and reason; concept and detail; playfulness and formality, client and designer, designer and maker, and maker and the audience, that is where good design comes to life.”

(Image caption: Joris Laarman, Bone Chair)

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