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Sneha Divias: Five materials that will take any space from shabby to chic


The choice of materials is critical to the success of an interior, we should carefully analyze the specifications of composition, size, maintenance, texture, color, and pattern.

Volakas Marble
This striking Greek Marble boasts a pure white background and charcoal, gray and taupe striations. The Polished finish provides a beautiful, reflective finish that shows the markings and coloration wonderfully, blending in all types of interior compositions. In our Palm Villa project where the concept was white on white, the veins of the marble brought contrast and refined dynamic to space.


Grey Oak Timber

With delicate ashen hues and a beautifully rough surface that evokes the feel of warmth, Grey Oak captures a distinctive wood floor feel which enhances flooring in a timeless manner.

Copper Metal

Copper gives a great contrast and uplifts any scheme with a refined edge. It is a fine detail to use of joinery, handles, furniture, and accessories. In our Burj Daman apartment project, the copper details are the layer that brings all the elements together.


Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles have remarkable resistance, and the variety of patterns, shapes, and colors is endless. We apply this finish to kitchens and bathroom areas of our projects, selecting brands that have oversized tiles and textures that have a concrete feel or organic veins. Our Palm Villa project has porcelain tiles with a neutral color and delicate veins in the kitchen area, an aesthetic solution that is functional to maintain.

Bronze Mirror

Reflective surfaces in the right locations increase the depth of the rooms, add light and a contemporary feel. The corridor ends walls, back of shelving, or full height walls can be cladded with this sleek material that is cost effective and easy to apply on existing walls. We have made a feature wall in our Burj Daman project where the bronze mirror cladding in the dining area holds the artwork and reflects the statement chandelier.


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