Sneha Divias: my five interior design rules to live by

There should be a unified design language through the spaces that have a clear connection line. Balance in all the layers - whether architectural, finishes, details, furniture and accessories - is key to build an environment that is consistent. Excessive features, furniture or colors affect the flow of the whole.


In space planning, proportions and scale, it is important to define a clear path and achieve a holistic design through geometry. Each element should have the appropriate dimensions for the room, it's all about measurements!

Aim for Timeless

Trends will go, and good design does not follow trends. Timeless interiors are not only based on the aesthetic options but also on the quality and durability of the materials and products. Selecting the right brands and quality will create spaces that are easy to maintain and it is an investment for longevity.

Sense of Character

We’ve seen the beautiful pictures in magazines and books but it doesn't mean that it should or that it will be the same as each project has a different context. The showroom look lacks creativity and most importantly it lacks personality. That's why we always advise our clients to select artwork that is meaningful to them and to give us a full brief of what matters to their lifestyle/brand. The clean and immaculate open kitchens that we see in photos might not be for you and that's fine, we find other ways to bring the best of the concept. In our Palm villa project, we added a slightly reflective glass partition between the kitchen and the dining area which gives a glimpse of the kitchen area but doesn't expose it completely. The visual flow is there from the kitchen side and we can see the beautiful view and dining area from there. The best solution comes from listening to our clients and understanding their expectations, not through trying to recreate existing spaces.

Delivering a successful project implies that the functional aspects were covered. Spaces should be equally efficient and appealing. Planning with a purpose first will naturally lend itself to the smaller details that need to be attended to, later on, allowing the form to follow the function.

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