How fish skin, rice and nuts ARE BECOMING the backbone of design sustainability


Victoria Redshaw, lead futurist at trend forecasters Scarlet Opus, explains some of the more uncommon materials that are being brought to the forefront of design by the continued drive for sustainability.  



As designers strive to reduce the ecological effect of their work, architects and interior experts are choosing to look elsewhere for their materials.

The team at UK-based Scarlet Opus, who examine changing trends across the design industry, have since discovered a growing number of designers turning away from traditional textiles and manufacturing components and heading instead to the likes of discarded fish skin, magazines, nuts and rice for their materials, utilising their alternative surface textures, high availability and almost negligent environmental impact to come up with a host of bold creations.

Here, Victoria explains what these somewhat bizarre write-offs are being transformed into - and why they can be so beneficial.

Scarlet Opus will be on-site at INDEX in May, where they will oversee the Trends Hub.

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