lamia benhida: Four inventive ways to make a small space more livable

As interior designers, we must manage different type of spaces. In private housing, retail or hospitality design, the key aim is to make the most of the space, using every square meter we can. Today, small spaces are so common so it is important to know how to deal with them in an effective and creative way.

Here are my key tips to help you deal with these small spaces:

  • Make use of the height in the space: every inch you miss from the floor, try to get back from the walls. Full height storage cabinets and shelves will help you optimize your space. The maximum effect can be reached if you raise your bed from the floor, depending on the height of the room you’ll be able to use the space beneath as storage or even as a new space.

  • Avoid all kinds of compartmentalization: this will only make you feel even narrower in your space. You can choose partitions or curtains to help you create intimacy. 


  • Choose multifunction furniture: when you lack space the best option is to make double use of as many things as you can. For example, If you choose a coffee table, make sure it has a storage compartment. Don’t forget to use the space under your bed or under the stairs. Solving the storage problem in a small place is the most important hurdle. 

  • Colors: ideally choose bright and luminous colors for a spacious feel place. If you ever choose to paint a wall make sure it is the one that gets the light reflection, it will make your space look brighter with a chromatic touch.


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