BIZNES meble.pl’ is the most popular specialist monthly dedicated to professionals from furniture industry in Poland.

‘BIZNES meble.pl’ monthly gives fresh view on the furniture sector: there are no taboo topics, there is no conformism – facts and opinions – always professionally. Analyses of phenomena occurring on the furniture market and in business world, information on foreign markets, interesting interviews – that is the source of inspiring knowledge. Furthermore: novelties, trends, world design, furniture market – backstage, important questions that no one else dares to ask. Character of the magazine is defined by attractive photographs, graphics of the best quality, unique designs and reliable and courageous journalism.

‘BIZNES meble.pl’ is the only magazine filling in the gap between expert technological papers and design journals. Experienced and ready-to-face challenge team guarantees highest possible quality and reader’s satisfaction.

If you want to learn about Polish furniture market, find new contractors or promote your products in Poland you are welcome to cooperate.

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‘BIZNES meble.pl’ monthly
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Hetmańska 40 lok. 108
15-727 Białystok, Poland

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'BIZNES meble.pl' international issue 2/2018

'BIZNES meble.pl' international issue 1/2019