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Welcome to L&C Recruitment. We place the right people in the right work and provide the best candidate for the correct role. Now, let us ask you something.

➤ Are you a design and build professional looking for a new challenge in a more stimulating work environment?

➤ Or are you running your own business in architecture, design or construction looking for that key member who will complement your existing team?

➤ Are you worried that your firm’s day-to-day work will be adversely affected if it is known you are looking to replace staff members?

➤ Are you worried that newcomers to your company may not fit in with the workplace culture or find your personality intimidating?

➤ Do you find it difficult to reach out to the pool of regional architecture, design and construction professionals?

➤ Would you like to access a database of the most innovative and forward-thinking industry talent?

➤ Are you looking for someone with their finger on the pulse of the fast-moving design and build industry who is aware of market trends, technological innovations and ground-breaking project news?

Working for both employees and employers we understand their mutual needs. We offer our candidates: The LIFE you want and the CAREER you need.

✅ Staff placement

✅ Personal goals realized

✅ Talent identified

✅ Complete confidentiality

✅ Client loyalty

✅ Industry expertise

✅ Constantly contactable

Feel free to share details of the role you’re looking to fill, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours. We look forward to helping your architecture and design business grow, L&C Recruitment team

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