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Yereed by Lina Ghalib

2020. Arish bench-seat.
Ply palm, wood, brass, leather
180 x 50 x 45 cm
Edition of 10

Lina Ghalib is an Egyptian product and furniture designer based in the UAE. She completed her degree in Interior Architecture at the American University of Sharjah in 2017, graduating top of her year with the MAD and Academic Excellence Awards in hand. Lina explores the realms of interior and furniture design with a strong focus on product design. Her work is inclined towards fusion of different cultures she has experienced translated into a modern design language.

For her Tanween 2020 design piece, Lina focused on researching and creating a new material she named the ‘PlyPalm’ to introduce to the design market. The material emphasizes on preserving the meticulous Egyptian craft of furniture making while marrying it with the Emirati heritage and identity of the palm tree. The PlyPalm is made from upcycled palm branches, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Lina envisions the new sustainable material to be a base for several future furniture designs as part of her practice. Investigating design techniques and composition of the forefathers of the Egyptian culture, she intends on bringing to light a long-lost art, that of the ‘First Movers’ who started the chronicles of the furniture and objects we use today. As an expat, she believes in an untold tale of design that is yet to be penetrated and is looking forward to being able to share her outlook and years of research.



The product explores the formation of sand dunes, allowing the user to experience this natural phenomenon through the passage of time and movement of light. Inspired by the process of formation of the rich geometry and patterns that exist in the desert...