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The Liminal Series by Hala Al-Ani

2018. Table.
Brass-plated stainless steel and salts and minerals.
40 (L) x 40 (W) x 65 (H) cm.
Limited edition series of 10.

Hala Al-Ani continues to challenge her design practice through experimentation and rigorous research. She believes that the current technological and industrial circumstances are fundamentally weakening our sensitivity towards materiality. She is interested in obtaining a thorough understanding of materials in order to utilize them as a means of expression within her practice. Hala is interested in the loss of control in design. With The Liminal Series, she invites the natural process into her design, using salt formations to create a series of tables. Playing with the usability of salt as a building material, Hala gives up part of her authoritarian role by allowing the crystallization process to dictate the formal qualities of the surface. The salt crystals are grown on metal structures to lend the material the necessary strength to be utilized in a table without controlling it. It is this juxtaposition between organic process and intentional design that triggered her inquiry.


The product explores the formation of sand dunes, allowing the user to experience this natural phenomenon through the passage of time and movement of light. Inspired by the process of formation of the rich geometry and patterns that exist in the desert...