31 MAY - 2 JUNE 2021



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The Pillow Company

  • Hall: 2
  • Country: India
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The Pillow Company is a luxury home decor brand ,and we believe that In every home, something as simple as Decorative Pillows create a certain atmosphere and express a state of mind and the arrangement of these pillows,can be made into an art in itself.The Pillow Company embraces the best of luxury while presenting a modern approach to Design and Taste.

From Classic to Contemporary to Urban Lifestyles, Our products are created for welcoming, hosting, entertaining and allowing our customers to experience their homes in new ways they never thought possible, while also defining their character and individuality.

With Global Trend, luxury lifestyle and exclusivity at the core of our ideology, our chic products demonstrate exceptional sophistication, taste and an artistic eye that make for a beautiful home and a lasting impression.