31 MAY - 2 JUNE 2021



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LZ Studio

  • Country: Italy
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Italian luxury craftsmanship for the Middle East

LZ Studio brings Italian craftmanship and authenticity to the Middle East. Small companies that care about the very little details.
The traditional production processes require huge attention on people skills and materials.

Design is not optional for these companies: everything is thought to amaze the audience



SALIS NATURAL SURFACES is a startup that was born 90 years ago.
They create textures, colour patterns and cut them into pieces until they tailor a perfect suit.

HERITAGE - Starting from antique oak woods they have built their traditional collections.
TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION - The patented Legnoresina is a hypertechnological finishing
that prevents from bacteria, has no formaldehyde and no pentachlorophenol.
Within the ARMONICO moods, they introduced PANGEA, a very versatile beam size 4.5 x 90 that allows several patterns of installation.
DESIGN INNOVATION. Thanks to their experience with designers and colors, in 2016 they presented a design project named OFFICINA 107, a collection of different materials and tones (tiles, paints and carpets) that matches perfectly one each other. Designers must go for the mood and Salis offers the service to make it real.
SERVICE - Through the MYRENDER tool, and the program LUOGHI-SALIS, private customers and professionals can easily sketch their house to personalize their showroom.



COTTO ETRUSCO is a company that started from the desire to reactivate an ancient kiln and work sedimentary clays collected on a pit of Etruscan origin.
100% ECOLOGICAL & ECO-SUSTAINABLE. - The natural clays are handpressed in wooden dies, cooked firstly in a traditional wood oven and secondly in an electrical one that works by solar energy. Glazes and colours are made of natural oxides too. The tiles of Cotto Etrusco are never equal to each other, and that's what makes Cotto Etrusco so exclusive.
TERRE OSSIDATE collection is patented and winner of several awards. The low temperature firing gives the tiles subtle colors and shows the clay structure underneath.
PAST AND PRESENT - The consumed colours and frescos of MEDIOEVO follow the Middle Age traditions. The RUBBOLI Lustro technique instead was brought by the Arabs during the invasion of Europe, but its golden and ruby iridescences are a perfect match with the needs of modern design.



LONDONART Wallpaper is all about the aesthetic appeal. It's easy to fall in love with the Marcel Wanders WANDERLUST collection,
a journey into cultures from all over the world. BRERA With its base in the heart of Milano design district, Londonart is making a huge work on subjects. The collections are explosive combinations that bridge industrial design, contemporary art and fashion.
You better follow their lead, Londonart has quickly become a driving force behind change

Hypertechnological plotters give higher flexibility than a standard upholstery factory. A laboratory of style and graphics professionals fulfill any projects demand.



YOUNIQUE means expertise and material culture. The factory is based near the city of Brescia, where knowledge about metal-processing is massive.

NEVERENDING ELEGANCE There's a lot of commercial lighting products companies in Italy. Younique wants to distinguish itself, it aims to exclusivity: no copy, no temporary mood or pop items.

CRAFTSMANSHIP AND TAILORING - Pieces are made one by one through skilled artisans and assembled with obsessive care for details. The customization of sizes, colours and components upon customer's request is what makes Younique so attractive for designers.



SYLCOM represents the glassmaking tradition of Venice, that speaks for itself. It's an alchemical union of natural elements: fire, sand, pigments and water. There is no industrial logic here...

Sylcom has the only desire of keeping alive such a skillful craftsmanship and create thousands of components that are all unique pieces
AL BUNDUQIA Venice is an endless source of inspiration. Sylcom catches the artworks of churches and palazzi around the city and translate them into chandelier: you can easily recognize the shapes of a mullioned window, of a sculpture, a stucco or molded cornices.
The colour palette draws from the nature of the city: pinkish red of cocciopesto, green water, blue sky and golden mosaics. You bring Venice into your house!