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Design Installations

Showcasing local talent through immersive installations

A series of cutting-edge entrance installations designed and built by some of the region’s leading design houses and fit-out contractors were showcased at this year’s INDEX Dubai.

Last year, visitors got to experience a range of spectacular on-the-ground concepts and this year promised to be even more spectacular. "State of Mind" designed by ODG Design and built by depa and Stretch Ceilings, “Serenity Pool” designed by Kristina Zanic Consultants and built by Bond Interiors and finally, but certainly not least, “Ray of Light” designed by Cosentino and Brand Creative, will be on display for visitors to experience.

Serenity Pool

This year is the second time that design house Kristina Zanic Consultants collaborated with fit-out partner Bond Interiors for the show. Their installation also involved industry players such as Vescom, BSH, Nathan Savage Lighting Design and Artemide.

The design studio used the installation to highlight the important role design has in promoting well-being. “Designing for better health and happiness is a key focus in our industry today,” said CEO Kristina Zanic. “As the world around us gets faster and busier, we increasingly look to the spaces we occupy to find calm and stability. ‘Serenity Pool’ is all about experiencing that moment of calm within interior spaces”.

Ray of Light

Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and the human connection to nature, colors and textures, 'Ray of Light' by Brand Creative for Cosentino invited visitors on a multi-sensory journey. Combining sight, sound, scent and touch, this human-centric installation is an exciting juxtaposition of materials including metal, tinted mirror, vinyl, natural fibres and Cosentino’s carbon neutral Silestone Sunlit Days, creating high contrast and a delicate play of light and reflections.

State of Mind

ODG Design, working with fitout contractor depa and Stretch Ceilings as the material supplier, created a journey into ‘A State of Mind’. The concept provides a space of isolation, that allows people to undertake a journey into a space where one can reflect on oneself. “We want our piece at INDEX to be a space that people can just take a minute and look at themselves and reflect”, says Robin Rossi, Design Director at ODG Design. The piece acts as a portal for visitors, to allow for calmness and serenity within a buzzing show floor.

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